How to Build a Wood Shed – Simple Plans To Make A Shed

How To Build A Wood ShedLearning how to build a wood shed is an easy thing to accomplish. A typical wood shed is considered a necessity since it will house firewood especially during the cold months. Wood sheds (detailed diagrams for crafting a wooden shed) provide effective storage and protection from the harsh outdoor elements so that wood is ready for use whenever needed.

Building a garden shed does not require a whole lot of skill sets; it’s more of the perfect project for beginner carpenters just like you. Simple plans are made available to give you guidelines on what to do and accomplish, but you can always throw your creativity into the mix.

How to Build a Wood shed – Other Considerations

By all means, you would a smart wood shed that can be utilized to its full potential. Ask yourself first if you also want it as part storage for your garden equipment and other woodworking tools. Remember that storage is just the starting phase.

Location and the materials used are also important considerations in this case, and you must be on top of all these. How you plan on using your shed also guides you to where its best location should be, somewhere in close proximity to your other outdoor activities. Note that plumbing and electrical wiring stuff also determines the strategic placing of your wood shed.

Wood remains the top choice for building woodsheds because of its character and natural beauty, though you can also consider using metal or plastic, based on your special needs and requirements of course.

How to Build a Garden Shed – Looking at the Instructions

With everything prepare, start cutting 3 logs so they can be 8 ft long, and another set of 3 logs at 6 ft long (all with flat ends). These will become the foundations of your woodshed. Using some galvanized pipe scrapings (cut down to size) and galvanized nails (at 1 ½” long), attach your 8 ft long logs to another 12 ft long log in a perpendicular manner.

Work your way on a specific side while the frame is flat on the floor. Roll it over afterwards to begin working on the other side. Note that this represents the front portion of your shed. Repeat the same step for your remaining 6 ft logs, attaching them to a new 12 ft log to form your shed’s back.

Shed Building Plans – Important Reminders

That was only first part in learning how to build a wood shed. Your next job would be the laying out of 6 rocks (flat) on the ground using a two-by-three arrangement (the rocks must be about 5 ft apart). This is where you will secure your wood on the shed. Place scrap asphalt shingles on top the rock’s surface.

Position both the frames onto the rock foundation. A couple of hands would be needed to stand and secure them in their places. It is vital that the beam assemblies are secured together; you can make good use of 5 ft 2×4 planks and nails (or screws) to do just this. Afterwards, you can attach bracing beams to support your front beam assembly using nails.

Good Outdoor Shed Plans – Rounding It All Up

The completion is also a critical phase since you want a strong wood shed that can stand up to the outdoor challenges at the end of the day. To do this, you have to run 2×4 wooden planks across and on top the beam assemblies to outline the shed’s roof frame. Secure the planks to the frame using nails (if you find it more convenient to use screws, you can do so). Use plywood to cover up the roof planks.

Cover the plywood in turn using asphalt-roll roofing materials. Use nails or screws to secure them in place. You must also put in place an informally-built shelf (using cinder blocks or plywood) that will be used by the wood for resting purposes. Take care that the wood must be place above the ground to help keep the whole are ventilated.

DIY Shed Plans – A Thing or Two

As you learn everything there is to know how to build a garden shed, you will stumble upon available resources to aid you in the process, with each carrying slight variations to address some of the needs. In your case, you do not simply decide right there and then which shed plan to use, or that you simply chose something you fancy.

Deciding what DIY shed plans to use remains a time-consuming (and sometimes confusing) task. But you can break down the whole process if you know ahead of time the shed type that you want to build. This also includes knowing what specific building skill you currently have.

The best way to go about it would be to choose a specific plan that you can work with given your skills, something that also promotes an efficient and organized woodshed.

Garden Shed Plans – Making An Evaluation


Figuring out how much you will be spending for your garden shed plans when you do not have a complete material list, or you simply do not know how much the materials needed costs you is a very big challenge. Aside from all the mentioned crucial items above, you also need to familiarize yourself with the zoning regulations in your local area. You might need a building permit before you even start building.


Some communities set limitations on the building types that can be constructed and the materials that you can use. What has started to be a simple weekend project may have become a major headache just because you built your structure on the wrong place. It’s all about planning, and seeing your plans put into action. This is how to build a wood shed.

Build Your Own Shed – A Final Word

As you go about planning on where to place your wood shed, the materials you are going to use and deciding on the right wood shed plans for your situation (and by the way, good wood shed plans are easily accessed online, a good search will bring you hundreds of available plans you can use) keep in mind that you also need to set parameters around your project. This will keep you in line with your overall plan all the way.

You need to set the parameters so you can avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the information flowing in, which only causes misinformation, and ultimately, project failure. Be honest about yourself, of what you can do and the budget with which you drew the line. Evaluate all these factors well and you’re on your way to building a strong and reliable wood shed.