34×36 Large Shed Plans – Blueprints For Building a Big Shed

Large Shed Plans Details

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Large Shed PlansWhether you need a place to store something in, or a place to pile up the hay from your farm, or an area for your tractor and other tools to be kept safe, a large shed plans is what you should have. There are many kinds of shed plans that you can have. You can either build one yourself, have someone build it, or buy an instant shed plan (tool shed plans). There are different sizes to choose from for a shed plan. The size would depend on the purpose it is being built for. It may be a 10-by-10 foot shed plan, 10-by-12 or 10-by-16.

Different Kinds of Large Shed Plans

Shed building plans are made for a number of purposes. As mentioned above, it can be for storage, to keep something safe from rain and sunlight. It can also be used to protect something from being stolen.

Whatever purpose large shed plans are made, their size must also be in proportion to that purpose. A typical shed plan is at least 100 square feet in area. For those that are made for barns, the typical area is measured by 120 square feet. For those that are made with a porch, the area is typically a little bigger. Normally, this kind is built as 12×16 shed plans.

There are also shed plans made to store big machineries like a tractor used in a farm. Typically, these kinds of sheds are measured with a 12 by 12 area, or a 12 by 16 in feet.

How To Buy Shed Plans

Sheds are freestanding structures that are designed and created to satisfy different types of its use. You do not have to make these sheds. You can buy them. You can buy a shed for equipment storage. You can buy one for your machines. You can buy a storage for you stables and barns.

You have to protect your machines and equipment. If they are left in the open, it is open to different risks – risk of them being stolen, being wet, etc. Kids can also stumble on them and meet an accident. If you have machines and equipments, you should make sure you have large shed plans to keep them safe in.

If you have animals to keep safe, it is also best to buy sheds. Farm animals or pets may be kept safe in a shed, safe from other people and other animals, and safe from attacking others.

Best Shed Plans Style

There are different styles of large shed plans. They can be a one-level shed or a two-level type. They can be a combination of many things. They can have various entries, slinging or an overhead stall door.

There is actually not one best style for shed plans. A great shed for one may be not be so great for another. Again, it still depends on the purpose for which it is being built. Some classifications of outdoor storage shed plans, based on their use are rural sheds, steel kit sheds, industrial sheds, garden sheds, and the like.

Regardless of the style, though, it is still more important to focus on the quality of the shed. A shed is supposed to protect whatever is in it. Thus, it has to be made of materials strong enough to last long. It must be sturdy enough to not be easily moved.

Building Your Own Large Storage Shed Plans

Do you know that you can actually create your own storage shed? For this project what one needs is a plan that will take you one step at a time all throughout the process.

Building your own storage shed is a lot cheaper that buying one. Storage units could cost a lot of money. An average unit costs hundreds of dollars. And you still have to pay for it to be transported to your place. But if you know how to build your own shed, simply by following some large shed plans, then you can save yourself a lot of money.

For someone who does not have any experience building sheds, following strictly what the instructions say. Before starting the construction, it is also imperative that all tools and materials needed for the build is all available and ready to use. This is for a safer and more efficient work process.

Actually Building Using Large Shed Plans

Most likely, you do not have to buy the materials that you will need for the construction. Often, those things are available in your neighborhood’s home improvement storeroom.

When preparing for the build, you should always have your large shed plans. These plans will tell you exactly what you need to use and how to use it. The moment you have all the supplies you need, the next step is to look for an even ground where you will build your shed.

Your first step is to make sure the ground is sturdy and flat. This will be the base of your shed and it has to be a solid and secure ground. The next part of the build is build a foundation. This would be the skeleton of the shed. Then finish it up by building the walls and roof. You may paint it if you wish. For experienced people, those who have been doing construction for a while already, this may be a very easy task. But for those who are doing this for the first time, they will have to refer to the instructions and follow them to the letter.

Should One Have Sheds at Home

Some people may say that having an attic is enough. Some may be content with a small storage closet inside their homes. These kinds of storage room may suffice if there is nothing else to put in it but rugs, used clothes, old furniture, etc.

But if you have tractors, small machines, equipment, and others that could be dangerous to hide inside the house, or that may be too big to be stored in a tiny storage room, then a shed may be your best option. Look for large shed plans online to know how to make one.