12×16 Storage Shed Plans – Building A Gable Storage Shed

12x16 Shed Plans Details

12x16 Shed Plans Elevation

Shed Plans 12 X 16Shed plans 12×16 are relatively big compared to the shed plans for the regular 10×10. Typically, a shed measures an area of 120 square feet. But this is for small storage stuff, like hays, simple tools, crops, etc. But for those used for big machines and equipments, a bigger shed is needed. A 12 feet by 16 feet is actually a more suitable measurement for a shed (designs for crafting shed on patio) that may have to be used as storage in the future for different machines. But for a simple storage area that will be used to keep some items safe from too much heat, from cold or from rain, even a 100-square foot size of shed would do.

Where to Buy Shed Plans

Buying shed plans is an option for those who want to build a shed themselves. These plans may be purchased online. There are hundreds of plans made available for those who want a step-by-step guide on building large sheds.

When you visit a website that sells shed plans 12×16 or any other plans of other shed measurements, what you will probably see first is a list of photo samples of sheds. There are a lot to choose from. There are a hundred square-foot plans for storage shed. There are 160 square-foot plans for storage that have porches. There are those with a gable roof. There are also those with garage doors.

After picking the kind of shed that you want, the next thing to do is to click on it and check if the other detail of such plan is something that you would want to have for your shed. If not, choose another one. Otherwise, you may now purchase the plan.

Following 12×16 shed Blueprints

When you already have the shed plans 12×16, all you have to do is follow it to the letter. This means that you will prepare everything that is needed according to the plan. You will have to buy all the equipment and materials that you will need to construct a 12 by 16 shed.

Shed plans 12×16 and plans of other shed measurements, are made so that they are easy to follow by lay person. Even the blueprints do not require a degree in engineering or architecture for them to be followed. Anyone can purchase these plans and have a shed without any professional help.

As a tip for those who are planning build sheds, before buying any tool, materials or equipment, they should check the neighborhood first for supplies. The aggregate cost of all the supplies may cost a few hundreds. But since these supplies may be used only once, it is better to borrow these from neighbors.

What is the Best Shed Plan

The best shed plan for you is probably the most typical one. You have a small backyard and you only need a shed so that there is a place for your planting tools. For people like you, a 100-foot-area storage plan may be the best.

For a person who lives in a farm house, a different storage may be the best. Farm folks normally have tractors, electric car, big tools, and the like. A big area for storage may be proper. And since a farm house usually seem to have all the space in the world, then a 12×16 storage shed may be the best kind for it.

What I am pointing out here is that, what is best may be subjective. What is best for one person may be useless or impractical with another. It is impractical to build a 12×16 storage shed in a small backyard. It is not space-efficient and it will only crowd the place up. It will also be unnecessary for farm folks to build the smallest kind of shed. For these kinds of places, there is no need to cut down on the usage of land.

Getting 12×16 Shed Plans

Shed plans available online show thousands of plans that anyone can purchase. There is a website offering 12000 plans for all types and sizes of storage sheds. It also offers thousands of styles to choose from.

There are shed plans 12×16 that vary in design and layout, depending on what one wants. Most people agree that you should look at multiple plans first before you make the decision on choosing one plan.

What Other Say About 12×16 Shed Blueprints

According to people who have bought a shed plans, they were able to make a shed even having no experience in building at all. There was one testimonial saying that he is no stranger with using tools. Being the man of the house, he is charged with the duty of fixing things. He fixes lights, broken windows, cabinets, and the like. However, he has not built anything yet, his entire life.

After buying shed plans 12×16, he dared himself not to ask help from anyone. He followed the procedures, bought the needed supplies, and borrowed some from the neighbors. After a few days, he now has a 12×16 storage shed. All he had to spend was for the blueprint and for his materials.

Buying a Shed

For those who do not want to build the shed themselves, there is another option. They can simply buy the shed itself. This option is actually not a bad choice. This is the easiest way to have a shed. The only downside to this, though, is the cost. Sheds are sold for hundreds of dollars. On top of this, the delivery is normally not free.