Timber Frame Shed Plans – How To Frame A Shed The Right Way

Timber Frame Shed PlansYou might not know it, but timber frame shed plans are really popular among shed builders. One reason is that because it is a traditional building material for sheds, another, is the fact that frames made out of timber lasts long if built the right way. More over it has been said that sheds that is made out of timber (blueprints for constructing shed) are more eco friendly compared to any other sheds made out of materials other than wood. Because of this, many believe that the best shed plans are the sheds with timber frame.

Timber Frame Shed Plans Overview

One of the most important parts of the shed building process is the shed’s plan. Usually, beginners and amateurs buy shed plans because of lack of technical knowledge and experience. One of the most common plans that they usually buy are timber shed plans.

Timber had been widely and commonly used since the 19th century and earlier for building frames. Timber framing has come a long way and therefore has been proven to be long lasting.

While the best building materials for sheds is more of personal preference, it is better to use materials that would complement the shed you are planning to build. Timber is a very versatile building material. If you plan to build a garden shed, buying timber garden shed plans would be a wise decision.

Timber Framing And Stick Framing

Timber is a wood which is primarily prepared to be used as building and carpentry material. Timber framing is a method of building structures that rely on timber as a primary structural material and support for the building.

There is a great variety of types for timber framing. The two major types of timber frame trusses are the closed and open trusses. The main purpose of the trusses is to redirect the overall weight of the roof to wall post which will be directed to the foundation.

Timber framing is a complicated and intricate method of framing; therefore, it is seldom used in shed making. However, there is a simpler and less detailed method of framing called stick framing. It also makes use of timbers as primary material.

Types Of Sheds

As mentioned earlier, building framing materials are more of a preference. Also that the material should complement type of shed you plan to build. The most common type of sheds that goes best with timber are log cabins, garden sheds, lean to sheds and storage sheds.

Wooden materials are good for garden sheds because it’s ideal for storing gardening materials and tools like lawn mower. Wood provides great insulation that is why it is good for storage purposes. And that is also why most cabins are made of wood.

Wooden sheds are really good investment when it comes to shed building. There is big number of timber garden shed plans that are available for sale. There are also lots of storage shed blueprints to choose from.

Characteristic Of Timber Sheds

Moving into more detailed discussion about timber, it is important that you know the characteristic of a timber a shed. Knowing and understanding the characteristic of timber sheds will make you appreciate their beauty. Also, it may convince you to timber shed plans are the best shed plans.

Timber is the most replaceable, malleable and customizable material available for sheds. This means you can do many things with a timber and is easily replaced when damaged. Also, few repairs could even add some character and style to your wooden shed.

Aesthetically, wooden sheds are more attractive than other sheds. It has this natural look that you won’t find in plastic and metal sheds. Also, as mentioned earlier, it is considered to be an eco-friendly material.

Advantages Of Timber Frame Shed Plans

When the time to buy shed plans comes, you must know enough to pick the right one for your ideal shed. You must know the pros and cons of each plan. There are many advantages of timber frame shed plans that you must know.

Among their numerous advantages are; fast and efficient building; cost effective; environmental friendly; have unique character; and flexible to further extensions; and conducive to infilling. There are still more but it is too many to mention.

What is more important is to become aware of their major advantages. Also, there lots of timber frame shed plans that provides unique storage shed blueprints that are greatly conducive for winter season.

Disadvantages Of Timber Frame Shed Plans

Timber frame shed plans also have disadvantages no matter how long their list of advantages is. As they say, you can’t have it all; timber sheds don’t have it all. After all, some people still prefer metal and plastic sheds over wooden ones.

The biggest problem that a wooden shed owner will face is a termite infestation. Even though timbers can be treated with some chemicals to repel insects, fungus and termites, sometimes, these pests still appear. There is also the possibility of rot if the shed is not properly maintained.

Also, timber is the a lot more expensive than metal and plastic. Timbers are costly because that they are grown in a plantation. Think about the years of maintenance until they could be harvested, government compliance fees and not to mention that logging is dangerous and life-threatening.


With the advantages and disadvantages laid, you must know how to weigh the pros and cons properly. Always keep in mind what you like your future shed to become so that it will perfectly serve its purpose. Also, consider the most important thing above everything else – your budget.

Being critical about your choice of shed plan is important. It will be useless in the end if your shed will not serve its purpose. It is important to keep in mind that sheds are not just big boxes for storage purposes but an important investment that you need to protect.

There you have it shed builders, everything you need to know about timber sheds. Hopefully this will help you decide if timber frame shed plans will help you build your ideal shed.